Who do I train with? 

I get under the barbell 4-5 x a week with my pal Petra Lee. Petra has also followed a strict ketogenic diet for years.  If you want to comprehensively streamline your training and diet under a ketogenic focus, we're your team! Incorporating strength training is one of the fastest ways to see improvements in your muscle tone and size, I cannot emphasize this enough.  No amount of cardio will help you reverse aging in the sense of building muscle versus *losing it*, something that we all face as we age. 

I've been training with Petra for over one year and she has given me the confidence to do things I never thought I was capable of before: 90* free dips, technical and heavy barbell moves, handstand push-ups and so much more. In fact- I had never even set foot in a squat rack before I met this girl.  My strength has grown leaps and bounds in a short year and I sincerely owe it to Petra's daily guidance and instruction.  Although I'm a highly self-motivated person who loves to exercise daily, I now have a 'rolodex in my head' of compound movements I'm familiar with- I  can now walk into the gym and crank out an hour strength program all by myself. 

Petra will meet you where you're at (literally and physically- she takes clients outdoors without the need for any gym)- and she'll be your biggest cheerleader along your journey. 

This is my personal and highest recommendation for a truly incredible and knowledgeable trainer, one whom I can trust even with answering your nutrition questions as well.    

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