I received many requests from friends / client athletes about my experience on this diet so here it is. I am neither evangelizing nor hating on keto. I’m giving my anecdotal account, with an educated and professional background as a Registered Dietitian, one which is r...

This post is still in development, but will cover: CBD, fish oil, hemp and maca

Adaptogens are biologically active substances found in certain herbs and plants, which help the body and mind adapt to change and stressors in life. Although they’ve been used for centuries...

Simple, healthy nutrition hacks for truly lazy athletes. Mix-n-Match meal plans with convenient whole and processed (but healthy) foods recommended by a Sports Dietitian.

research-based, recommended sports drink formulations with multiple transportable carbohydrates for enhancing performance

Epigenetics: A case for why eating the same foods all the time won't allow genes to function optimally. Our bodies require the diversity of all bioactive compounds in a variety of vegetables, for example, to express positive genes and suppress others; such as those...

How to improve your power to weight ratio in cycling: Include more veggies and watch the weight fall off

Attention cyclists and triathletes: It's surprisingly easy to eat more calories than you burn in a single training session

Research-based and Sports Dietitian recommended protein supplements for anabolic and strength training programs. Research on whey protein, whey protein isolate, soy protein, egg white protein and more.

Why your social drinking is preventing weight loss, inhibiting recovery, impairing performance and limiting strength gains.

Bulletproof coffee lies, why coconut oil isn't miraculous, and why you can't just 'get into ketosis' and start burning fat by limiting your carbohydrate intake. It's all spelled out here. What the peer-reviewed research tells us and explained by a R...

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